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Vårgrønn and Flotation Energy awarded exclusivity to develop up to 1.9 GW of floating offshore wind in Scotland

Vårgrønn and partner Flotation Energy have been awarded exclusivity by Crown Estate Scotland for areas to develop a total of up to 1.9 GW of floating offshore wind capacity across two projects, Green Volt and Cenos.

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Launch of Brigg Vind consortium brand heralds new era for Norwegian offshore wind power

Vårgrønn, Å Energi and Corio Generation cement their commitment to the Norwegian offshore wind market - which they believe could reach 50 GW by 2050 - with the launch of Brigg Vind.

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Flotation Energy and Vårgrønn advance the Cenos floating offshore wind project through submission of a Scoping Report to Marine Scotland

Flotation Energy and Vårgrønn, two European developers and owners of offshore wind projects, have submitted a Scoping Report for Cenos floating offshore windfarm to Marine Scotland, positioning the project to become one of the world’s largest floating wind farms once operational.

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Vårgrønn takes off with 20% interest in the world’s largest offshore wind farm

Vårgrønn, a joint venture between the italian energy company Plenitude and the Norwegian energy entrepreneur and investor HitecVision, acquires Plenitude’s stake in Dogger Bank A, B and C, turning the energy company into a full-cycle European offshore wind developer and Norway’s largest of its kind. The transaction also includes Plenitude’s other early-stage initiatives in Vårgrønn’s key markets, and the increased ambition of at least 5 GW of installed or sanctioned offshore wind capacity by 2030.

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Great interest for the Vårgrønn conference in Stavanger

100 representatives from government, political parties, businesses, and media participated at the annual Vårgrønn conference in Stavanger to discuss the future of offshore wind in Norway.

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Vårgrønn and Flotation Energy announce offshore wind partnership to support oil and gas decarbonisation in Scotland

Vårgrønn and Flotation Energy, two European developers and owners of offshore wind projects, announced their partnership today.

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Plenitude and HitecVision strengthen their strategic cooperation in offshore wind through the expansion of Vårgrønn

Plenitude (Eni) and HitecVision announce today an agreement to expand their Norwegian renewable energy company, Vårgrønn. The partners’ joint ambition is to build Vårgrønn into a material full cycle offshore wind player, targeting 5 GW of installed and sanctioned offshore wind capacity by 2030, with a focus on key Northern European markets.

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This is how Norway can realize floating offshore wind on a large scale

Contracts for difference can ensure that floating offshore wind on Utsira North is realized in a cost-effective way, according to a recent report.

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Report: - Offshore wind can provide over 50,000 new jobs and more than double Norwegian power production

A large Norwegian offshore wind industry can provide 50,000 new jobs, 80 billion in annual value creation and 100 billion in annual export value.

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Vårgrønn and Agder Energi are joined by Corio Generation to bid for offshore wind project area in Norwegian offshore wind

Vårgrønn, Agder Energi and Corio Generation join forces to develop offshore wind in Norway’s Sørlige Nordsjø II zone.

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Vårgrønn and Equinor team up for floating wind at Utsira Nord

Vårgrønn and Equinor have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly apply for offshore wind acreage in Norway for the Utsira Nord area.

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Vårgrønn strengthens its top management

The renewable company Vårgrønn expands its top management with Senior Vice President Offshore Wind and Senior Vice President Public Affairs and Market Analysis.

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Eni and HitecVision launch Vårgrønn

The new joint venture will focus on renewable energy projects

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